50 Metre Spring Open Meeting 2010

The BFRC 50 Metre Open Meeting was held on the Malcolm Cooper Range in Lord Roberts Centre, Bisley on 17th & 18th of April 2010. The entries to this meeting were oversubscribed & I had to close the entries 5 days before the official closing date. The number of lanes available to us on both days was restricted because we had to share the use of the range with 2 other users so unlike previous years could not take more entries. The message remains the same, BOOK EARLY TO AVOID DISAPPOINTMENT.

As always I was hoping for reasonable weather so as to enable shooters to get a good idea how their winter work had progressed & this time my hopes were granted. Due to the meeting being held in late April we are unlikely to ever experience very warm temperatures but at least this year was warmer than 2009. The light was good & winds were fairly light but occasional changes in direction & strength were there to catch out those who became complacent.

English Match 1 had a full squad of (40) entries. The best qualification score was put up by Richard Wilson with 591, closely followed by James Huckle, (34x). Third was Brian Inglis also with 590 (32). Hannah Pugsley also scored 590 (30x). As I said in last years event report this year I decided to run Olympic style finals for the cartridge matches so the top 8 shooters participated in a normal Olympic final which resulted in a win for Richard Wilson with a final score of 102.1, total score 693.1. James Huckle retained 2nd place with a final score 102.6, final score 692.6 & Hannah Pugsley 3rd, final score 101.7, final score 690.7.

English Match 2 with 34 entries followed later & this time the winner was Sharon Lee came out the winner with 591. Nick Clark was 2nd with 589 & Austin Wilshire 3rd with588.

The top 8 competitors in this match went on to shoot a knockout style final run on normal Olympic final procedures with the exception that after each shot the shooter who shot the lowest score is eliminated. After shot 6 there were 2 competitors remaining, Sharon Lee & Richard Wilson. The 7th shot resulted in a win for Richard, 10.4 against Sharon’s 9.7. Those spectating enjoyed the final & those who shot in it reported that it got the adrenaline running freely!

Comp 6 was a 60 shot air rifle match where we had 12 entries. The winner was Kenny Parr with an excellent score of 594. Di Coates was 2nd with 584 & 3rd was Dan Rivers on 583.

Sunday morning saw our normal set-up with Comp 3, a 3x40 match with 13 entrants running concurrently with Comp 4, a 3x20 with 8 entries for the women. Top score in the 3x40 was by James Huckle with 1145, closely followed by Kenny Parr on 1142. Duncan Farmer was 3rd with 1136. The winner of B class was Dan Rivers on 1127; Dan won Class C last year with a score of 1090 so an improvement of 37 points in a year is worthy of special mention. Dan is amongst a number of junior shooters who are making serious attempts to raise their level of performance which is great to see & I acknowledge the level of support they are receiving from all areas. C class winner was Stephen Robertson on 1039 who was entering his 1st 3x40 competition.

Comp 4 was the women’s 3x20 sport rifle match. The winner was Sharon Lee on 569 a convincing margin on 2nd place of 11 points. Second was Jenny Corish with 558 followed by Sheree Cox on 556.
To add a little more spice to the 3P matches I decided to hold an Olympic final taking the top 8 scores from the 1st 20 shots aggregate from the 3x40 & 3x20 matches with a prize for the top shooter of the day. James Huckle went into the final with a 7 point lead so was unlikely to be challenged by the 2nd & 3rd places held by Kenny Parr & Sharon Lee respectively. This proved to be the case & there were no changes in the major placing. Kenny Parr shot the best final score of 99.2.
The BFRC is indebted to all those who helped to run the range over the 2 days. Particular mention goes to Ivor French who was Chief Range Officer on the Malcolm Cooper Range, he had one or two tricky problems to deal with during the competition but all worked out well in the end. Mention must also be made of the co-operation of the shooters during the and for leaving the range in a virtually immaculate condition. Well done to you all & I thank you for that.

  Get your entries in earlier and all being well see you next year?!

  Robin Taylor.



Full Results:-  

3*40 & 3*20

EM 1

EM 2

Air Rifle

3P Final Mixed

Prone Final 1


300m Prone

Prone Final 2


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